Argh! Hills!!

Sunday I decided I’d run the Torrey Pines hill because I didn’t get to last week. I actually meant to hit it about 3 or 4 times before the race next week but that never materialized. I’m going to regret it, I’m certain. On Sunday I did my long run and decided I’d run a good chunk of the La Jolla race course. I went up the BIG hill about a minute and a half off of race pace, thinking I’d be fine. Well.. I was… until I wasn’t. At the top of the hill when I stopped my lungs were burning like the end of a mile race. My arms had started tingling like they were going numb. It was a very frustrating feeling. I wasn’t hauling up the hill by any stretch and it kicked my ass. So I continued on up the next mile and a half stretch of gradual gain. That wasn’t much better. My lungs felt half open and I had a weird ache under my left shoulder, kind of above my heart. Nothing like chest pains to freak you out. Now, I hadn’t run in three days so I was hoping it was just the lack of running but I couldn’t shake out the feeling. I ended up cutting my dreadful run short by 3 miles.

Yesterday I noticed my hips were tight while at work. I did as much stretching as I could, but that’s not a good sign. I ran around Mission Bay yesterday hoping to keep it to the flats and the few bridges I crossed over didn’t make my hips happy. I felt like crap and my hips were nagging the entire time. I thought about bagging the run but stuck it out and I’m glad I did because it seemed to get better later in the run. Today I’m still a little sore. Apparently my hips don’t like hills, which there’s supporting evidence for, as the last time I reaggravated my hip it was doing a trail with steep hills. I’m going to keep an eye on it and stay on the flats this week. It feels better today than yesterday, which is good, because I did my PT exercises last night after my run and usually that inflames the area. I really need to get back on the PT train and do these exercises. Since I stopped playing basketball I’ve developed some big muscle imbalances when it comes to sideways motions.

Now that I know my weaknesses, I tell myself I’m going to work on them over the next 6 months. I say that now. But who thinks I’m actually going to go run Torrey Pines hill regularly after the La Jolla Half Marathon is over? I don’t see any hands…


About thedillyruns

In 2007 I decided to join a running group to train for a marathon. I'd never run more than 4 miles at a stretch and never raced. I grew up playing basketball. After a promising first half marathon, I grew hungry to run faster.
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2 Responses to Argh! Hills!!

  1. I def don’t run THE torrey pines hill regularly, but I do the Broken Hill and Beach trails there as a shakeout every week or two. It’s a ~5 mi loop from TSRI (roughly the intersection of N. Torrey Pines and Genesee), about half of which is trail. I brought my garmin a few times and the “middle mile” is definitely over 10 min if I keep the effort easy, there’s a couple hundred feet of elevation gain- but it’s probably more enjoyable than what you did 🙂

  2. thedillyruns says:

    It’s definitely pretty up there. I discovered the glider port for the first time. If I hadn’t been so tired, I would’ve explored the surrounding trails.

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