Sick Day

My life has immaculate timing. I have a race on Saturday and of course I get sick the week before. I went out for a tempo run on Monday night and basically felt drunk when I finished. Something was up, although at the time I thought maybe I just hadn’t eaten enough. I’ve been pretty zapped since. It’s early enough there’s a good chance I’ll be fine for Saturday but I’m not a fan of a big taper for a 10k.

I’m one of those people who takes it easy on sick days. I know I could power through and I would if I had to, but why press my body when it’s fighting its own war. So today I laid around and watched the first 5 episodes of Firefly. A friend and a number of co-workers recommended the series and I can see why. It’s adventurous and has the kind of subtle humor I really enjoy. I’m taking full advantage of Netflix and their streaming content. At the same time I’m trying to ignore that little voice that’s telling me all of the things I could/should be doing while I’m sitting at home. The list of things I could be doing is endless..


About thedillyruns

In 2007 I decided to join a running group to train for a marathon. I'd never run more than 4 miles at a stretch and never raced. I grew up playing basketball. After a promising first half marathon, I grew hungry to run faster.
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